Detailed Instructions


       You are requested to prepare a report for a public company. You should approach this case from a director’s point of view upon issues related with financial and strategic management. For this final assignment you are requested to use information upon your discretion regarding the overall interim appearance of a public company. The target company is “Kerry Group”. Information regarding the overall interim performance of the target company is given below. Follow the link to find the necessary information needed for your report preparation. H1-Results-Presentation-4-8-16.pdf

      You are challenged to search and find information regarding any issues you may consider appropriate. Use and incorporate within your report any research material that is relevant and appropriate either from financial or strategic management aspect. Important is to use information that relates to the overall interim performance of the target company.

More about this assignment: 

The first thing in the paper will include exploration of Kerry Group. This will entail acknowledgment of Kerry Group’s mission and organizational values respectively. The above factors are central to discussing Kerry Group’s strategic alternatives hence the choices on the strategic management suitable for the company. The discussions will dwell on information and data from various publications such as the annual reports belonging to Kerry Group. Arguments about strategic management will be based on the existing literature. Such an approach will ensure that credible arguments are raised to promote the performance of the company based on the proposed strategies and the way forward. Moreover, the key issues identified in the Kerry Group will be handled using existing strategies from literature and innovative approaches as well.

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