This assignment focuses on the analysis of Cultural violence and propaganda. There is also a discussion on importance of Remembering and memorializing genocide.

Cultural violence and propaganda – Remembering and memorializing genocide

This assessment is aimed at developing student’s capacity to communicate scholarly concepts to a general audience, and to make connections across two module content areas for a deeper, richer exploration of the issue of remembering genocide.
Students will write a 1000-word article or blog on the importance of remembering and memorialising genocide. What is the role of remembering and memorialising in understanding and appreciating the consequences of the past, and in the ongoing endeavour to prevent further such atrocities?
This article will be a research-informed piece of journalism such as that on The Conversation or a researchinformed blog.

The aim is to communicate evidence-based and scholarly ideas into a non-specialist audience. As such, your article must be written in accessible language that is engaging to the reader, while drawing on and referencing scholarly ideas and research. It will also incorporate visual images to engage readers and better communicate ideas, particularly given the importance of visual elements for remembering and memorialising.

Cultural violence and propaganda – Remembering and memorializing genocide

In this assessment, you should include a focus on one of the following issues:
Cultural violence and propaganda
The spectre of complicity
Gender and sexual violence
For example, why and how is it important to remember and memorialise cultural violence and propaganda.  Or the issues of bystanders and complicity, or gender and/or sexual violence in order to understand the consequences of genocide and help to prevent it? Are there examples of memorials or exhibits that have aimed to draw attention to this issue, and if so, what is the significance of this?

Your assessment should include reference to at least 3 scholarly works, and one example of genocide.  (Rwanda genocide is a good example for Cultural violence and propaganda issue). References must be included in-text (with quotations kept to an absolute minimum) and a separate reference list provided.

Detailed Instructions


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