The assignment focuses on (Manguso Ongoingness) relationship to the word ‘memory. Also, there is an analysis of  how we personally interact with events to support or undermine the wider cultural consciousness. So, determine the dominant narrative.

(Manguso Ongoingness) relationship to the word ‘memory.’

Firstly, history is made up of billions of personal histories. Secondly, how we personally interact with events helps to support or undermine the wider cultural consciousness, determine the dominant narrative. If you asked Richard Nixon and Malcolm X about the 60s, I think you’d get two completely different stories. Memories and points of view are inherently selective and your own personal context determines which story you accept as ‘truth.’ In Unit 1, you’ll paint a portrait of an event you’ve lived through, an event that was once in your present, but is now slowly fading, and compare it to thoughts considered in the course. What is the difference between memorials, memoirs, & memories?

(Manguso Ongoingness) relationship to the word ‘memory.’

Firstly, We’ll examine the slipperiness of the memoir genre and ask, “Why does my brain preserve certain memories and discard others? How do those memories mutate over time? How do I transform pictures in my mind to narratives on the page?” GOALS: – Place one’s personal vantage point in relation to other histories. – Learn how to describe & summarize another writer’s argument. – Develop a healthy skepticism of your own memory. Additionally, consider alternative possibilities for the Style and Arrangement of paragraphs and sentences. ASSIGNMENT: – Choose a work we’ve read in Unit 1 (Manguso Ongoingness). Describe its relationship to the word ‘memory.’ Does the writer trust it? Are they skeptical? How? Why? –

(Manguso Ongoingness) relationship to the word ‘memory.’

Also, Ddescribe at least one personal example, considering how one’s personal context can influence recollections. – Quote from the text min 3x. – 750-950 words Please edit it and make sure it answers the questions. no passive verbs NO is NO was. It needs to be a good paper. You can add to it. make it good.

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