1. Discuss about the regulatory framework of aviation safety, security, and accident investigation. You will also need to discuss about the need for human factors in aviation safety including accident causation models and the use of Safety Manage Systems (SMS). Key points that should be mentioned for this:
– Regulatory framework safety (ICAO Annex 19)
– Regulatory security conventions (Tokyo convention, Hague convention and Montreal convention. ICAO Annex 17)
– Regulatory framework accident investigation (Annex 13)
– Human factors in aviation safety (Importance of human factors, accident causation models – Human factors of Safety Management)
– Safety Management Systems

2. Discuss about the different types of devices and procedures used for the screening of passengers. Do these devices or procedures raise any concerns on the travelling public?

 Does the use of these devices/procedures have consequences for human aspects? Critically assess the use of these procedures and devices. Key points:
– Discuss at least three devices
– Discuss at least two or three procedures
– Human aspects and consequences