The assignment focuses on Regulation of controlled substances-sports (Business Law). Also, explain the law surrounding the illegal substance’s regulation, give other case examples contrasting the original case

Regulation of controlled substances-sports (Business Law)

Regulation of controlled substances in sports (Business Law). Firstly, focus your paper on the commercial regulation of controlled substances. Generally, papers focused on organization (such as the MLB) rules are rejected because they do not necessarily apply to U.S law. However, the regulation of controlled substances is relevant to commercial operations and thus an acceptable topic. Secondly, i suggest you center your paper around that topic, with the MLB context as a frame. One conceivable direction would be to quickly summarize the case, explain the law surrounding the illegal substance’s regulation, give other case examples contrasting the original case, and then give your opinion on the law and its implications to society. Also, please make sure to focus some on the current state of affairs, and, if at all possible, offer your opinion. DON’T just make the paper read like a long magazine article, report, or general description.

Regulation of controlled substances-sports (Business Law)

For the docs attached, regarding the syllabus, just read pages 10-11 & 14-15 for guidelines. These  aim to regulate the production, trade and use of controlled substances and products; provide for a system of data collection to facilitate compliance with relevant reporting requirements under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer; promote the use of ozone friendly substances, products, equipment and technology; and ensure the elimination of substances and products that deplete the ozone layer. Ozone Depleting Substances are chemicals that destroy the stratospheric ozone layer in the atmosphere by increasing the ultra violet rays from the sun to the earth’s surface.

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