Class 5 (Jan 18): Reform and Political Power [online class] 

• Judd, Dennis R., and Todd Swanstrom, City Politics (chapter 4)

 • Trounstine, Jessica. Political Monopolies in American Cities. The Rise and Fall of Bosses and Reformers. 

• Ornaghi, Arianna, “Civil Service Reform. Evidence from U.S. Police Departments,” Working Paper. [Disregard this one, and any questions regarding it] Reading Guide/Questions for discussion: 

o What are the main institutional changes proposed by reformers? What are the intended effects of each of them? 

o Under what conditions do at-large and district elections deliver the same electoral result? 

o What were the long-term consequences/legacy of the reform?

 o What created a fertile environment for reform? 

o What do political machines and reform regimes share according to Trounstine? 

o What are “Political Monopolies”? What are the conditions for the creation of political monopolies? What are the main consequences of political monopolies according to Trounstine? 

o What does Ornaghi (2019) find regarding the relationship between the civil service system and bureaucratic performance?