The Recruitment and Selection Assignment is on police personnel. In particular, it describes acts Americans With Disabilities Act and how they relate to hiring police. So,in your document, address your understanding of the fundamental application of these laws.

Recruitment and Selection Assignment-Americans With Disabilities Act

Recruitment and Selection Assignment. For the purposes of this exercise, consider yourself the decision-making person in your agency. Responsible for the recruitment and selection of police personnel.Therefore, Please prepare a sequential employee recruitment and selection process that focuses on best practices. The recruitment steps listed below. Information included from inside or outside the classroom is acceptable; however, utilize proper citations to credit work from outside sources. Include how the recruitment process needs to be reformed This is an opportunity to “think outside the box.” Try to create a process that eliminates steps of the process like polygraph because they are so unreliable and physical ability. Just a physical to make sure the person does not have a heart condition. Use the following topic areas as the framework for your submittal:Firstly, Posting for Recruiting/ Advertising

Recruitment and Selection Assignment-Americans With Disabilities Act

Secondly,Application • Written and Oral Testing/Boards/Interviews.Thirdly,Backgrounds • General/Overall Selection Elements • Medical/Psychological • Probationary Issues You should define each part of this recruitment process and why the polygraph and physical agility was removes.
In your document, address your understanding of the fundamental application of these laws. Define each one and briefly describe how it applies to hiring police Also,Title VII • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) • 1978 Uniform Selection Guidelines (USG) • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) The paper should be no more than 5 pages in length. Rubric Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion got linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanics This is grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. We are police managers and our documents should reflect that. Points here earned on writing alone, not ideas or comments. 6.0 pts This criterion linked to a Learning Outcome Depth Depth is about how deep your response goes. I don’t need to hear ideas recited back
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