Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from it?

Paper details:

– I want the essay to be about my personal growth from my struggles growing up with a foreign mother as well as a father who wasn’t home often due to working away from home.

– I would like to hit the main points about the leadership roles I developed from taking care of my mother and having to be the man of the house. As well as sparking my passion for finance (I am applying to be a finance major).

– I would like to talk about being an only child and how that led me to find interest in more adult-like topics at a young age such as finance since my mother was a banker.

– I would like to start the essay with a quote like, “You’ll have to excuse my mommy she doesn’t speak very good English,” and then follow with an explanation, “…I said to the cashier as my ten-year-old self was attempting to explain to my mother what he meant by asking if she wanted cash back.”

– Would like to hit a small point somewhere about growing up in a small farm town.

– Another main point: Ever since I could talk I have always had to take leadership and be independent. Growing up as an only child while my father worked away from home, I was left to take care of my foreign mother whether it was buying groceries to translating for her at her doctors’ appointments.

– Adding to Independence: Picking up summer jobs working 6 days a week to pay for things around the house and provide a future and support for my family/mother could work less.

– Although I thought being an only child caused me to grow up faster than my peers and lose out on the childhood experience. It was beneficial as it taught me self-discipline and self-confidence at a young age (Explain self-discipline/confidence further).

– Relating back to what I learned: I never want any low-income families to experience the loss of family time caused by the cyclical nature of modern corporations which fail to provide money/work-life balance for the working class which is why I plan to study finance and help those in need of breaking the cycle. I want to study finance to help my family and others like them. I often lay in bed late at night just thinking about how I am going to give my children a good life and hopefully create generational wealth so that my family will not have to go through the hardships I went through growing up.


– Attached is a college admissions essay rubric, as well as my extracurricular activities, that I hope can be added into the essay where they fit properly and relay the theme of personal growth.


– Overall I just want the essay to make me stand out among other applicants by showing my hardships which I turned into successes and positive growth.