Recommend strategic plans to improve the companys competitive advantage.
Explain how leadership skills can be used to encourage innovation to improve the company.
Recommend specific decisions company leadership can make in order to capitalize on untapped business opportunities.
List the sources you used to inform the development of your strategic case analysis as well as the sources that inform your suggestions in points a-c above.
Create an 6-9-minute video presentation of your extended executive summary. Do the following:

In your video address all the points required in the instructions above. Make sure to clearly and persuasively articulate the business decisions you recommend.
Also, in your presentation refer to your individual assignment in Topic 3. Explain how your companys practices contribute to the greater good, or not. Explain how elements of a Christian Worldview could inform its practices to better contribute to the greater good.
Use PPT or other visuals to support your video presentation.
Refer to the information on pages 353-354 of the David text to help you develop your presentation.