. First watch the lectures I posted on Reconstruction. These are my lectures. Then watch the lectures I posted from Yale professor David Blight. He is a U.S. Civil War specialist. His lectures that I posted cover Reconstruction. You need to watch each lecture (45 minutes each — not too bad) and write a reaction for each one. The reaction should be one long paragraph. A reaction is simply your opinion (what did you learn, what surprised you, do you agree with him, did you find it interesting and why or why not — that sort of thing.) You cannot get this wrong unless you just make up something that makes no sense. It is your opinion and I am interested in what you have to say about it. Each reaction is worth ten points. Do a good job on this. If you like, watch the lectures I posted (they are below his lectures in the modules). They will give you a good foundation in order to understand his lectures. I think you will be surprised how much you will learn. Reconstruction is a neglected era in American History, but it is very important. Again, I think you will find the lectures interesting.