Radical Feminist Orientations and Intentionality   2022 Latest Answers  

Whelehan ( 1995 ) argues that radical feminist perspectives in a pluralist society are  

ways to demonstrate women’s responsibility to justice. According to Echols ( 1989 )  

radical feminists posit patriarchy to be the main source of women’s oppression.  

Such feminist perspectives intend to bring change in women’s lives by producing  

epistemologies for transforming patriarchy (Maynard & Purvis, 1994 ). Such feminists call for a deeper analysis of fairness and justice than is currently offered by  

those seeking to achieve equality between women and men in system-preserving  

adaptations . Is Patriarchy an outdated concept? We suggest that Patriarchy is thriving, with a select few women drawn into its service and many men, women, and  

Earth herself pressed into subjugation.  

From a radical feminist perspective, equality and equity are considered to be two  

distinct ideas that need clarifi cation. Equality can be related to treating people on  

equal terms whereas equity may be regarded as fairness or justice. Equity is viewed  

as fair treatment without discrimination. According to Calás and Smircich ( 1996 )  

gender equity is a more fruitful area of exploration but this equity cannot be considered without a broader consideration of the exclusions and discriminations that are  

generated by the economic and organizational systems for both women and men.  

Calás and Smircich ( 2003 ) recommend a radical rethinking of development in organization and management studies in a global economy.