• Study the Introductory Notes  and the Videos and answer the following questions: 
  • Copy and paste the questions to your answers and upload your done assignment  file in  the Canvas Inbox for correction.
  • Write your answers in full sentences.
  • Proof Read Carefully.
  1. Define the word “genre” and identify the main genres of literature.
  2. Identify the main elements of literature? 
  3. Describe  in 1 sentence the importance of elements  of literature.
  4. What is irony?  Give 1 example of how irony is used in literature.
  5. Why  is fiction different from poetry?
  6. What is the difference between autobiography and fiction? 
  7. Write 3  narrative  techniques that the writers use in literature?
  8.  What Point of view are the Newspapers written in?
  9. What is the difference between an author and a narrator?
  10. Write 2 types of narrators and explain their role in literature