Discussion 4 | Qualitative Research



Do you see value in qualitative research? 

What areas of psychological research might qualitative methodology be appropriate/ 

Is qualitative methodology relevant for research on the psychology of religion/spirituality? Why or why not?


Initial posts: Minimum 200 words

2 APA formatted sources



In some areas, qualitative research is not considered valuable or even a legitimate way of doing research. For others, qualitative is the most preferred form of research.

Non-Experimental and Survey Research

This week we’ll be getting into specifics of different research methodologies. People often assume measurement means numbers (i.e., quantitative research). However, there is robust, meaningful non-quantitative research. This is part of the non-experimental research category, although it is worth noting that there is non-experimental quantitative research. You’ll also be introduced to survey research, which is one of the most common approaches in psychology. Start to consider the pros and cons of each approach, especially in light of the ethics and measurement principles you learned about.


Read the following chapters of your textbook, Research Methods in Psychology, to prepare for this week’s discussion and assignment. 

VI. Non-Experimental Research (opens in new window)https://kpu.pressbooks.pub/psychmethods4e/part/non-experimental-research/


VII. Survey Research (opens in new window)https://kpu.pressbooks.pub/psychmethods4e/part/survey-research/


Watch the following video to prepare for this week’s assignment.

PSYC 300 Parts 3 & 4 | Research Proposal – Qualitative Methodology & Quantitative Methodology [00:02:06] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onB5ijH3x5Y