Punishment and Sentencing


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Mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines require the Judicial System impose penalties for crimes which are at least the assigned term of imprisonment if the criteria of the statute are met, regardless of any other factors which are presented in the criminal case. Most often, the requirement to follow these mandatory minimum guidelines are triggered if the prosecutor pursues criminal charges which carry with them a mandatory minimum sentence. The legal definition, according to USLegal.com is: ” Mandatory minimum sentencing means a person convicted of a crime must be imprisoned for a minimum term, as opposed to leaving the length of punishment up to judges.” In your essay, answer the following questions, making sure to discuss both sides of this issue: Has the practice of following mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines had an impact on the crime rate in the US? Are there any other governments which follow a similar practice in their country’s criminal justice system?

If so, what are their experiences? Are there/have there been any (presumably) unintended societal consequences to the practice of following mandatory minimum guidelines in the US? What are they? Should we continue the practice sentencing certain crimes in this fashion? Defend your answer. Requirements: Double-spaced paper using 12pt. Times New Roman font and 1” margins. Include a Title Page, Abstract page, Reference page in addition to the four (4) full pages of narrative. In addition, follow APA guidelines regarding: section headings, introduction, conclusion, in-narrative citations etc. At least six (6) total pages (including title and references pages). The narrative must be a minimum of 1000 words. Refer to the Undergraduate Writing Assignment Grading Rubric located in Faculty & Course Info for detailed grading criteria.

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