Public relations campaign-literature review Assignment

This assignment forms the second stage of the research component for a public relations campaign for a hypothetical client.

·         You will re-present the literature review also include key findings of the interview research (assignment 1) to lead in your quantitative research goal and objectives.

·         You will then develop of a quantitative research plan / small research project involving a questionnaire and then test that research instrument (5-10 respondents).

First: Revisit the brief from our client, CareFactor Australia.

CareFactor Australia is a nationwide charity that has one aim: to reduce the number of suicides each year by providing counselling and mental health support services by telephone, online and in person.  To fund this service, it runs a number business, including charity shops in most centres of more than 5,000 people around Australia.

Each charity shop is manned by volunteers and co-ordinated by a small team of paid staff.  They accept donations of household goods and clothing for resale through CareFactor op-shops. 

The General Manager, Amanda Agok, is particularly interested in why people dump rubbish at the charity bins – is it the cost of taking rubbish to the tip?  Is it that they genuinely think that the goods are useful? Or is it just laziness?

Public relations campaign-literature review Assignment

Your task here is to discover:

F    What motivates people to dump unuseable items at the charity bins?

·         What obstacles are there for people to take these goods to the dump?

·         Is there a certain groups or types of people more likely to leave rubbish at the charity bins?

         If so, what communication channels might we use to connect with them?

      What emotional triggers might work in changing their behaviour?  What will resonate with them?

Detailed Instructions


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