Management of Psychiatric Conditions in Primary Care: BIPOLAR DISEASE


1.    General instructions
A.    Create a PowerPoint presentation.
B.    Include in-text citations, in current APA format, within the presentation itself.
C.    Provide references, in current APA format, that match the in-text citations within the presentation.
D.    References should be professional sources and no more than 5 years old.
E. Be sure to provide speaker’s notes for all slides except the title and reference slides.

2.    Create a patient scenario for the following behavioral health issue: BIPOLAR DISEASE
A.    Include the following sections:
o    Patient chief complaint
o    History of present illness
o    Social history
o    Family medical history
o    Past medical history
o    Medications currently taken

–    Include specific drug names (not drug class), dose, frequency
o    Medications you will prescribe to address current situation.

–    If you are unable to prescribe anything for the current situation, explain why and what the plan will be to address the issue/symptoms. 

3. State and Federal Regulations
A.    Identify the state where you live. CALIFORNIA
B.    Identify what your state laws say about prescribing behavioral health drugs without being certified and/or credentialed as a psych-mental health NP.
C.    How does the Affordable Care Act affect behavioral health care?
D.    How do these factors impact the patient in the scenario you provided?

4. Community Resources
A.    Provide information on how you would know if the patient you create needs support beyond what you can provide as a primary care NP.
B.    Identify community resources available in your area (LOS ANGELES, CA) to refer patients in need of assistance before they can establish care with a primary mental health provider.
C.    Identify the facilities in your area where you would send a patient in need of urgent assessment and intervention.
D.    Identify resources in your area that are available to patients who may not be able to afford behavioral health care.