The assignment concentrates on Prospects for democracy in China. On the other hand, there is an exploration of Chinese political systems. So, you should Cover each theory in a systematic fashion, and link it to the case.

Prospects for democracy in China-Chinese political systems

Firstly, evaluate the prospects for democracy in China, making use of the three major approaches to democratization covered in class and reading. Which of these theories offers the most insight into the persistence of Chinese authoritarianism? Cover each theory in a systematic fashion, and link it to the case. Are there factors these theories ignore that might play a role in Chinese democratization? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details into part1. Chinise political systems,importance of ideology ,document based, legislature and chinese political institutions. In details also need to discuss in context of the party part2. Seeking democratization, what is happening nowdays (the incidents that trigers chinese political system). 

Prospects for democracy in China-Chinese political systems

In Body, Use mordernization theory, cultural and social mobilization theory. Also, use economic approaches. and in addition to reviewing theories, your own critical assesment of the theories are the key to the essay. in conclusion list all the variavles and finalize that china will democratize. Since the end of the civil war in 1949, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has ruled the country and operates a pyramid of power which reaches down to every village and every workplace. The Party’s 89-million membership makes it the biggest political party in the world bua huge factor.

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