Assessment 1: 

A Project Management Plan submitted as individual piece of coursework to a maximum of 1600 words (40%) Submission method: via Turnitin Key Dates

2Project Title: Park Music Project background & Scenario Night Moves is an event logistics business. They have been contracted by Events UK to provide the transportation of all the equipment including catering supplies, to and from a major music event to be held in Finsbury Park in London in August 2021 You are an employee of Event Movements and are given to assume the role of the Project Manager. Your task is to develop the Project Management plan. The Task The project is the collection and delivery of all the staging, equipment etc. to the venue site, and once the event has finished the return of the it back to the various locations. As project manager, you are required to submit a project plan. 

You will need to: 

• Carry out a feasibility study 

• Review transport requirements for the equipment

 • Review schedule and planning including timings 

• Plan appropriate resources to support the tour (Own-fleet and hired-in equipment as necessary) 

• Provide a rough cost plan for the contract 

• Provide a draft project plan to support the event schedule, costings and implementation 

• You will need to utilize various elements of Project Management. You will be provided with key information such as the parameters, specific details, background and further information over the course of the module. Assessment Criteria 

You will be assessed on a range of criteria 

• Your understanding the brief 

• Quality & Originality of research undertaken, including questions

 • Application of Project Management Theory

 • Application of broader academic theory and suitable referencing

 • Reading around the subject 

• Use of general and commercial awareness. How to do well… Better students will 

• Anticipate issues and problems and suggest solutions even where information has not been provided.

 • Read, fully understand and think about the brief

 • Ask a range of relevant questions and use the answers in the work where relevant 

• Use common sense to ask about or find any further information required.

 • Have a project plan that will be concise yet complete, logical and accessible to anyone. 

• Utilize the various relevant issues and elements of project management from budgets and timings to quality and risk