Project: Application Package for Obtaining Air Quality Permits for Several Internal Combustion (IC) Emergency Engine



Project/Location: Client US Federal Government



Ref: San Diego Air Pollution Control District (SDAPCD) Rules 10 (Permit Required) and 20.1, 20.2, 20.3, New Source Review (NSR) Title V of the CAA Amendments


1. Introduction and Background:  The San Diego Air Pollution Control District requires that “any person building, erecting, altering or replacing any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance, the use of which may cause the issuance of air contaminants or the use of which may eliminate or reduce or control the issuance of air contaminant, shall first obtain written authorization for such construction from the Air Pollution Control Officer.” Before the emission unit or process can be operated a written Permit to Operate must be obtained from the local air district. This application requirement applies to any new or modified emission unit, any replacement emission unit, any relocated emission unit or any portable emission unit for which an Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate is required.


2. Scope: The scope is to prepare the required form, calculations and other supporting documentation to obtain Permits to Operate from San Diego Air Poulltion Control District and contractor installation of generaors.


3. Objectives: The objective is to obtain an Air Permit to Operate and contractor installation of generators.


4. Tasks/Requirements:  


Task 1: Field Visit, Data Collection/Review and Emission Calculations

Coordinate with points of contact to collect the data needed to prepare the permit application package. Review and confirm the data provided; collect any additional information that may be needed; and perform emission calculations. 


Task 2:  Permit Application Preparation

Prepare and assemble a complete Air Permit application for submittal to the local air district. The application package will include the following components:


  • Required application forms
  • Facility information
  • Process description
  • Project emissions, including emissions of toxic air contaminants
  • Regulatory analysis of applicable rules and regulations
  • Proposed permit conditions.


Task 3:  Periodically check the application status with the permit engineer at the San Diego Air Pollution Control District Office, respond to any questions by the permit engineer, and provide additional information, as necessary, to help facilitate the application review process. Review the draft permit conditions and negotiate changes  as needed.


Task 4:  Oversight to ensure contractor installation of several generators



5. Deliverables:                                                                                             Estimated Completion Date


Deliverable 1 Draft Application Package                            
Deliverable 2 Final Application Package                             
Deliverable 3 Comments to Draft ATC/PTO                       







  1. Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) or Project Timeline by Tasks (The dates can be made up) 


POAM Estimated Completion Date
Task 1:   Field Visit, Data Collection/Review and Emission Calculations   
Task 2:   Permit Application Preparation                                                                             
Task 3:   Post-Application Training  
  1. Cost Estimate


Tasks/Requirements Labor
Task 1:   Field Visit, Data Collection/Review and Emission Calculations  $8,700
Task 2:   Permit Application Preparation $25,400

Task 3: Post-Application Training 


Task 3:  Cost of labor of Engine installation  



12K to 18K per engine install


TOTAL 80k to 110k


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