Program Plan


The program plan includes the implementation of a needs assessment and identification of expected outcomes. First, you will be assessing the needs of the identified healthcare community/organization and developing the desired outcomes of the proposed healthcare program.

Managers develop formal program plans in order to make sure that ideas for programs are feasible and align with the strategic vision of an organization or community. The program plan is a a roadmap that helps the manager develop expected outcomes that will be measured against the expectations of various stakeholders in the community.

In your program plan, you will perform an informal needs assessment based on the organization that you selected.

Specifically, from a management perspective, perform a needs assessment by following the steps below:

 Introduction

Create an introduction that describes your chosen organization, including name, location, focus, and any pertinent demographic factors.

 Needs Assessment

o Examine the organizational design for potential program development.

o Identify potential needs through analysis of healthcare disparities. For example, are there needs that are not currently being met?

o Analyze the cultural competence of the current healthcare programs or environment. Is the current environment accessible to those of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds?

o Recommend a strategy to achieve the desired results, based on the results of your assessments.

o Explain how your strategy aligns with ethical practice guidelines. Does your program consider or involve the ethical practice guidelines of the health professions that are involved in administering the program? For example, will your program involve nurses, pharmacists, social workers, physicians, and so on?

 Outcomes

o Identify the anticipated outcomes of your program. How do you see the program working to achieve your desired results?

o Examine the current process flow and how your new program proposal would fit into it. What effect would the program have on other programs in the flow?

o Predict the impact of the proposed program. What other areas of the community or organization will it affect? Why? If there is no impact explain your reasoning.

o Predict the impact of the proposed program on cultural competence. How will it impact compliance with cultural competence standards? If you believe there will be no impact, explain your reasoning.

Please see attached paper for organization information