The assignment discusses Professional nursing values and behaviors. Also, there is a description of The Waiting Room (2012). So, analyze one ethical situation.

Professional nursing values and behaviors-The Waiting Room (2012)

Firstly, the purpose of this assignment is guide the student in crafting a 2-3 page scholarly paper. Secondly, that examines professional nursing values and behaviors. Thirdly, the student will select one of the professional issues from either documentary where an ethical decision must be considered. Ethics in the practice of nursing plays a significant role in the decision making process. Many ethical dilemmas occur in the delivery of health care. Also, this paper will give the student a practice opportunity in resolving a health related problem that presents as an ethical dilemma.

Professional nursing values and behaviors-The Waiting Room (2012)

Additionally, the requirements of the paper will guide the student in improving his/her capacity to rely on personal values, education, experience and moral responsibility to analyze one ethical situation, anticipate consequences, and propose an appropriate action. The student will watch the documentary Code Gray (1983) or The Waiting Room (2012). These documentaries are available thru the Newman Library. For this paper the student will consider and explore the issue(s) and the complexities in making a decision that has ethical ramifications using the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University Framework for Ethical Decision Making (2017) at

Professional nursing values and behaviors-The Waiting Room (2012)

The following guidelines will help you craft your paper: Be sure to review the Ethical Issue Grading rubric to guide your Essay. Paper will follow APA format to include: Title page, Abstract page, Body of the paper (2-3 pages [750-1000 words]) and Reference page (Maximum total of 5-6 pages, including the title page, abstract page, 2-3 pages of the body, and reference page). Use headings to help guide your reader through the sections of this paper. • An introductory paragraph where you define the topic. Be sure the purpose of the paper clearly stated. 

Detailed Instructions


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