The assignment focuses on the teaching profession-Skills of an Effective Teacher. So, What do you think are the important skills essential to be an effective teacher?Identify 4 skills or characteristics and explain.

The teaching profession-Skills of an Effective Teacher


The details of the tasks are explained below.


1. Personal Statement
Compose a personal statement exploring the rationale for pursuing the teaching profession. You can write about your motivations and influences, your plans and ways of achieving them, and why chose teaching among other professions. Write in an essay format.


 2. Skills and Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
What do you think are the important skills essential to be an effective teacher? Identify 4 skills or characteristics and explain. Write in an essay format (350 words). 
And there are aspects that make the job of teachers much more challenging and different from that of other professionals. Teachers need to be experts at multitasking and they do their job in a classroom dynamic that leaves them no second to think about how to react.And whatever a teacher does, even with just a single student, will be witnessed by many and can frame the way in which both the student and the teacher are perceived in the school from that day forward.




1.Commitment to students and students learning
2.Professional knowledge
3.Professional practice

 Assignment Format:

a. The assignment should be typed on A4 paper using Times New Roman, font size 11and 1.5 spacing.

b. The assignment should NOT be presented in a series of bullet points or in paragraphs lifted directly from the original articles. Paraphrase, summarize, or quote any information Used and acknowledge the source by citing the name and year of publication.


Example: According to Smith (2016)…..

The last page of the paper should have the list of sources used (websites, journals, books, etc.)

Detailed Instructions

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