(B1a) Primary community and Prevention Resources 2022 latest answers

​ In this section you will discuss the significant resources you found in your community during the field experience to support prevention/promotion of the health concern.


(B1b) Underlying Causes

​Accurately and logically discuss the underlying causes that contribute to the selected primary health concern. (This may be similar from the information you included in section B1).


(B2) Evidence-Based Practice

Logically and appropriately include evidence-based practice article(s) relevant to the selected primary prevention field experience topic. Look for 1 or more articles that provide evidence for strategies, best practices, or guidelines that have been used to improve the problem within communities

This is not a section to discuss the reason for the problem in your community. Instead, you should discuss the best practices (EBP) for prevention/promotion of the health concern. Discuss and in-text cite and reference scholarly journal article(s) to support the practices for the primary prevention topic.


(B2a) Identification of Data

​In this section include relevant data relating to selected field experience topic at the local, state, or national level and discuss your findings. This should include supportive data that your prevention topic is a true problem in your community.