The assignment discusses Prevalence Earnings Management in IPO’s. Also, there is an analysis of Nordic Markets. So, translate the variables directly.

Prevalence Earnings Management in IPO’s – Nordic Markets Analysis

Description I study whether nordic companies is exercising Earnings Management before an IPO between the years 2014- 2018 in the nordic countries. I have; 1. Companies that will go public exercise more earnings management than the ones that don’t 2. Companies with a Big4 auditor have less earnings management than those who don’t have one. The reference companies total assets can’t be less than 50 million euros. They can’t either belong to the group of Finance,real estate or insurance companies.

Prevalence Earnings Management in IPO’s – Nordic Markets Analysis

I have presented the modified Jones-model so atleast that one should be used. Gather all the data and structure it yourself. It’s basically reference groups for every single year and then the IPO companies in one file. In the type of paper section I chose “results” but I would also want the discussion. This would basically be the end of the Assignment where the variables, results and discussion are presented.. Feel free to use graphs and so on, but if you can make them so they will be easy to recreate in a different language, or send them as a file so I can translate the variables directly. Other than that, feel free to do whatever you want.

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