To demonstrate competency, a candidate must meet the performance criteria of this unit by developing three reports/presentations regarding promoting client compliance. Evidence required to demonstrate competence must satisfy all of the requirements of the elements and performance criteria. If not otherwise specified the candidate must demonstrate evidence of performance of the following on at least one occasion:

  • providing advice and discussion involving exchanges of sometimes complex oral information
  • delivering presentations tailored to the needs of people from diverse backgrounds
  • reading and explaining complex and formal documents, including their application to clients’ situations
  • using active listening and questioning strategies to clarify understanding
  • using information technology to access relevant legislation and guidelines

Assessment must be conducted in the workplace or in a simulated workplace environment. 


This means the activity may be undertaken using real subjects and under the supervision of an experienced investigator, or, may be undertaken in simulation using case studies or scenarios provided to the candidate by the agency.


If undertaken through simulation, all activities must be undertaken exactly the same as a real situation with the only difference being volunteers will role-play the subjects, and all other elements must be undertaken as they would with a real case including the use of all relevant resources.


Use the templates provided to document the process and return them with any supporting evidence to your assessor.