10 slides, 8 minutes presentation

Beverage is an ever-changing market, depending on consumer needs, wants, and the marketing and branding of products. Beverage producers and suppliers work very hard to increase brand and product awareness to increase consumption, loyalty and sales. Producers are forever trying to keep you loyal to their product, introduce newer or more premium products, and/or blended products. Restaurant profits are dependent upon the sales of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which is why employee training and suggestive selling are critical components of profitability.
Project Presentation
Students are considered the Beverage Manager of a restaurant and/or bar and you have been asked to create and design a beverage list which includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

· Restaurant and/or bar concept or theme
· Target markets
· Location (Can be domestic or international)
· Competitor (s)
· Type of cuisine
· 3 White Wine selections
· 3 Red Wine selections
· 3 Sparkling selections
· 3 Beer selections
· 3 Cocktails
· 3 Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails)
(Justification and explanation for all the above choices)

Creativity with your beverage choices is required and you must be specific (i.e., your white wine choices should include the varietal and a specific brand). Develop a presentation using Prezi, PowerPoint, Google doc. or Powtoons etc. that is engaging, interesting, and informative, and that explains and justifies your choices. Note: White Zinfandel and Moscato are not permitted as wine choices. Heineken, Corona, Coors, Bud, etc. are not permitted as beer choices.