Please respond to one of the questions below, engaging at least two required readings in Weeks 1-5.

1. Should Chinas foreign relations be studied through distinct historical and cultural perspectives, rather than western theoretical models in IR? Why (not)?

2. Which is the most effective regime survival strategy of the Chinese Communist Party: repression, legitimation, or cooptation? Why?

3. To what extent do societal forces influence foreign policy outcomes in authoritarian China? Why/how?

Paper Guidelines

Clearly and concisely identify your main argument in the introduction.
Critique the readings, rather than simply summarize them. You may provide your own interpretation of the scholarly debate, and/or provide an alternative argument.
Consider counter-arguments, and respond to them.
Include footnotes and a bibliography, following the Chicago Style. Direct quotes and factual data must be cited.
Format: 11 or 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and page numbers.
Include a word count (excluding footnotes and bibliography).
To facilitate grading, please submit all writing assignments in MS Word format.