Here you will answer various questions related to this module and larger societal and cultural trends. I encourage you to include your personal experiences and observations as part of these discussions. You will also read and comment upon the answers of your peers. Your participation in these discussion boards will be evaluated using the rubric provided in the discussion forum within Canvas.
Discussion Prompt
Considering the readings, activities and additional resources, please answer the following questions in your post:
If you were to choose 1 factor to address in order to increase the chances of healthy prenatal development, what would you choose?How would you choose to publicize this issue to inform the public?
Support your statements with resources from the module.
Be prepared to defend your choice as you discuss this with your classmates!
Remember to also make at least 2 comments on your peers posts. Consult the Canvas rubric for details.
Please avoid pre-posting (posting a blank or minimal post ahead of your actual intended post). By doing this, youre circumventing a setting that Ive enabled so that everyone has to post their thoughts prior to having access to what your classmates have said. This helps so that people dont worry about repeating each other or changing their answers to fit what someone else said. If you pre-post, your grade may be impacted.