The following assignment is about Physical Examination Video: Examination on a Volunteer Adult.  Create a video demonstrating a complete physical examination on a volunteer adult (18 years of age or older) participant.

Physical Examination Video: Examination on a Volunteer Adult

 Demonstration assignment is due Sunday end of Week 6 at 11:59 MT. DirectionsDue to the important nature of this assignment, recording the video on a non-human participant will result in an assignment failure. Videos longer than 15 minutes will be subject to a deduction in points.  Also, Follow this link  case Demonstration Outline (Links to an external site.). Physical Examination Video:

(This is mean to be a general physical examination. Skills that are not include on the outline do not need to be in your video.) You may record your video in Kaltura (available to you in the course) or you may use your own phone or other digital camera device. Also, ALL videos must be uploade to Kaltura in the course shell for submission.  Besides, For steps on how to use Kaltura to record, go to Kaltura How-To Videos When you are finished recording, follow these instructions from Uploading and Submitting a Video (Links to an external site.). Please note that there are specific publishing settings that need to be correct to ensure privacy. Physical Examination Video

Moreover, the video must remain in your My Media library and ONLY be submitted to the assignment for instructor review as instructed. You will need a stethoscope and a pen light to complete this examination. Also, adult participant must remain covered at all times for privacy purposes. Hence, suggested attire for adult participant: tank top and shorts. Instructor must be able to have a clear view of stethoscope placement on the torso. Auscultating over a shirt is acceptable for the purposes of this video

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