Detailed Instructions

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Based on the information learned in this course, please write a five page (minimum) double-spaced, 12 font, and APA (Links to an external site.) formatted philosophy paper that highlights your beliefs that will guide you as a human resource administrator. Your leadership paper should outline the beliefs or principles you will follow in the: Recruitment, selection and retention of teachers Supervision, development, and evaluation of teachers Ethical decision-making process

Use readings, outside experience, and discussion question responses, as your sources. Organize your paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion just as you did for all of the reflection papers in this course. Please include a title page, however, you do NOT need to include any reference citations or a reference list because the content in this paper should represent your own personal thoughts and beliefs.

About this assignment:

 The leadership paper will identify the roles of a Human Resource Administrator. The roles will help in discussing the principles followed in the workplace including recruitment, selection and retention, development, and the evaluation of teachers’ ethical decision-making process. The paper will further ensure that the discussions are in line with the HR functions. Human Resources theories that fit this scenario will be used to make conclusions and give insight to the guidelines of a human resource administrator. In addition to the theories, the ideologies from experience will be significant in making suggestions and conclusions in this paper. The paper will provide personal thoughts and beliefs on the topic.

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