The assignment focuses on Philosophy of the Arts-T. S. Eliot’s article. Besides there is also a description of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. So, The thesis must be clear and consistent.

Philosophy of the Arts-T. S. Eliot’s article

Want to prove using T. S. Eliot’s article that Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy, Hamlet, is an “artistic failure”. If another thesis would be better, feel free to choose something else. T.S. Eliots essay needs to used as a source while the two other articles may used if it helps support the point. Other readings/sources can used but must cited. Although it would preferred that other sources not needed. The thesis must be clear and consistent. There must be one or more arguments in support of the thesis.

Philosophy of the Arts-T. S. Eliot’s article

The general issue that generates the discussion explained. At least one work of art discussed and treated as an example to help explain the reading and support the thesis. A unbiased summary of at least one objection to the thesis provided. And a crucial difference that supports your thesis over an alternate view written. Over the past few decades, the philosophy of art has enjoyed a remarkable revival. More and more studies are being devoted to the philosophical or theoretical probing into questions about the meaning of art. This gradual but steady expansion in the field also suggests a broadening group of potential readers. Indeed, the present situation may perhaps be characterized as not simply a revival but as an unprecedented breakthrough. There are three major developments that help explain this. Firstly, today’s increased importance of philosophy of art is due to modern art itself.

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