This assignment talks about Persuading audience through Communication. On the other hand, it gives a description of Creating Product Speech.

Persuading audience through Communication – Creating Product Speech

You will persuade your audience (the class) to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria. -real (something we can see and touch) legal – be able to purchase online or in a local store -current retail price- $1 to $500 US -not anything living, like a pet etc. -not a weapon of any kind -not a drug, alcohol etc. -nothing distasteful or potentially offensive to others -no services or gift cards Persuade the audience to support your product.

Persuading audience through Communication – Creating Product Speech

 The first important reason is that thinking about your speech like a product shifts the focus from you to your audience and to the people who will hire you to speak. As experts, it is very easy for us to get wrapped up in what we want to tell the audience. We are so passionate about our area of expertise and we want to share ALL THE THINGS.

That, however,  is not what the audience needs from us. They need us to solve a very particular challenge for them. Sometimes that challenge doesn’t directly relate to our speaking topic. Now, hear me out! Let’s say you speak on social media and you think that the number one challenge you solve for the audience is finding the best social media platform for them. Because people are up at night worrying about “Do you have to be everywhere? Do you need to be on Facebook? Also, do you  need to be on Twitter? Do you  need to be on Pinterest?”  Right? 

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