The assignment talks about Peer Review by O.J. Simpson. Besides, there is also an Analysis of Violent Offender. So, write the best paper possible.

Peer Review by O.J. Simpson – Violent Offender Analysis

Description. Firstly, the Aim of this assessment is to produce a report of 2500 words based on the information in the case study. That critically evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the various assumptions and approaches adopted in the case study. Additionally, i have entered 20 as number of sources as an random approximate number but its essential that the report includes many sources and references, in-text citation. Try to help the author write the best paper possible; use only constructive criticism. You will be graded on the quality of your review.

Peer Review by O.J. Simpson – Violent Offender Analysis

How well did you go through the paper? Did the author benefit from your feedback? Were you able to justify your grade? Reviewer Pseudonym: For example, in school, I once used “Pink Freud” to review other students in my psychology class. Tips: Give positive feedback AND identify errors. Be polite! Be helpful: Provide guidance to fix errors. For example: Why is a section unclear? As a reader, what additional information would help you understand the author’s point? Why is a particular sentence unneeded? Explain your grade: Why did that person earn that grade? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong?

Peer Review by O.J. Simpson – Violent Offender Analysis

Track changes in Word – see other document on how to do this. Grade: You will be graded on the following: The extent and organization of your review. The timeliness of your review A grade given by the recipient of your review based on the helpfulness of your comments You have two papers to grade – please use the rubric below for each. I expect that you will fill out the rubric, one for each paper, and provide feedback for each paper individually. I have also included a previous review.

Peer Review by O.J. Simpson – Violent Offender Analysis

It doesn’t include the track changes portion OR the actual paper that I had reviewed for the student, however, it does include a graded rubric and an example of what the written portion of the peerreview SHOULD look like. Fortunately, it’s a good example. I received an “A” on it and it also happens to be the same professor teaching this class as well. Hope this helps and thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it.

Detailed Instructions


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