This assignment focuses on Pedagogy of education. On the other hand, it touches on help of freedom and oppression towards pedagogy in education.

Pedagogy of education assignment- help of freedom and oppression

How freedom and oppression have to do with pedagogy of education.  So, paper details 3 readings is assigned to do this assigment. No outside sources can be use. The links to the readings are below. Choose anyone of the 3 reading or all the 3 to support the paper. However, you can go head and choose any topic of your choice topic after you read all the 3 texts and any topic come to your mind and you want to write about it. Also, the new century introduced significant changes in didactics and teaching methods. Pedagogy of the twentieth century differs from the pedagogy of the twenty-first century. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, there have been many changes in the development of national and world education. So, the most observable phenomenon is now the Internetization of society and the penetration of digital technologies into learning.

Pedagogy of education assignment- help of freedom and oppression

You can go ahead change the topic i stated on topic bar and use your topic. However,  if you want to write on my topic you can do that and just use the readings to support it. So, Links to the readings are below 1. Freire, P. Chapter 1 and 2, from pedagogy of the oppressed 2. Hooks,Bell. “Theory as Liberatory Pratice” {pg. 59} and 3 “Confronting Class in the Classroom”: {pg. 177}.These 2 readings are selections “teaching to Trangress.

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