The assignment concentrates on Peace and Conflict Report. In addition, there is also a description of International Crisis. So,  research and write a 2000-word report on one of the following conflicts: • Afghanistan • Yemen • Libya • Sudan

Peace and Conflict Report – International Crisis

Description 1. Conflict Report Students will research and write a report on one of the following conflicts. • Afghanistan • Yemen • Libya • Sudan • Kashmir • Myanmar • Southern Thailand • Mindanao • Aceh. The Conflict Report should modelled on the reports of the International Crisis Group. (see I have uploaded files with further examples. Quick tips 1 when writing, remember consider for example, What are the nature of the domestic legal actors, who they are? What factored influences them, the role they played in the conflict. Human issues in the conflict, be specific on the conflict avoid writing descriptions. Also, focus on the conflict analysis and the Policy ideas should be at the end of the paper and must drowned from the conflict.

Peace and Conflict Report – International Crisis

Broadly, the Conflict Report should. Synthesise scholarly and relevant non-scholarly texts to build a coherent assessment. Additionally, analysis of the conflict region/country. Use an appropriate writing style (structure, neat presentation, reference style. Correct grammar and punctuation etc) (2.4). • Include a set of key policy recommendations (2-5) which drawn directly from the evidence presented in the report.

Peace and Conflict Report – International Crisis

Correctly reference at least 5-10 sources (academic articles, media reports, think tank reports etc). CrisisWatch is our global conflict tracker. Its a tool designed to help decision-makers prevent deadly violence by keeping informed. Developments in over 80 conflicts and crises. identifying trends and alerting them to risks of escalation and opportunities to advance peace.

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