This assignment focuses on Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition. Also, provides a description of Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan action  for PBI-FS

Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition-Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan for PBI-FS

You have been assigned to support the Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition (M&A) team working under the direct supervision of Padgett-Beale’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The M&A team is in the planning stages for how it will integrate a new acquisition, Island Banking Services, into the company as its financial services arm (PBI-FS). Initially, PBI-FS will function as a wholly owned subsidiary which means that it must have its own separate cybersecurity program.

Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition-Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan for PBI-FS

Your first major task (Project #1) will be to help develop a Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan of Action for PBI-FS. Island Banking Services never had a formal cybersecurity program so you’re starting from scratch. You will need to research best practices as well as relying heavily upon what you learned in your undergraduate studies in Cybersecurity Management and Policy.

Padgett-Beale Merger & Acquisition-Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan for PBI-FS

The CISO has provided detailed instructions for this task. (These appear after the Background section below.)An effective cybersecurity plan can be built in-house or with the help of outside consultants. Also, if you prefer to do it in-house, you should select security staff members experienced in cyber policy creation. Assigning the task to experienced personnel will save time spent rewriting an ineffective cybersecurity plan later. Additionally, you should find people comfortable with engaging other functional areas and building consensus. Otherwise, development and implementation of your cybersecurity plan could get mired in internal politics.

Detailed Instructions


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