The following guide about Observation Essay and The Owings Mills Firefighter Department provides quality information. As such, it outlines on the department that has 75 volunteer firefighters and 18 career firefighters but hardly 10 show up. Hence, hat’s the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine?” and my response was “one has a ladder.” Rudy just looked at me with a straight face and said “you have lots to learn”.

Observation Essay: The Owings Mills Firefighter Department

Firstly, the Owings Mills firefighter department has 75 volunteer firefighters and 18 career firefighters but hardly 10 show up. The Owings Mills firefighters are always in a good mood, so alive and making people laugh. Also, there may be a time when you accidentally leave a comrade behind. Thus, make him wait over 2 hours to come pick him up. In the fire department, every firefighter knows each other even if there from different counties like Owings Mills is station 31.

As such, their neighbors would be Franklin station 56, Chest Nut Ridge station 50. So, when a call is made they communicate from the dispatcher each station provides one vehicle. More so, it could be a fire truck, fire engine or even a paramedic.  The life of a firefighter so unique, it’s unpredictable to know what’s going to happen.


Finally,  Entering for the first in the Owings Mills fire station, it can’t be helped to notice that the living room is full of trophies, pictures on the wall, and in the corner a flat screen TV. When I took it all in, to notice everything, I smelled something so weird. In my mind I was thinking “Jesus Christ…what is that smell, get some Febreze or light some candles”. 

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