Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment. The assignment should be 3-4 pages (excluding title and reference pages).
1. The assignment will include the following components:
a. Title Page
b. Introduction
i. Start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest.
ii. Introduce the practice problem or need
iii. Provide a preview of what the paper will include with a strong thesis sentence.
c. Identification of the Practice Problem (diabetes) or Need
i. Describe the practice problem(DIABETES) or need.
ii. Discuss how the practice problem or need was determined.
iii. Briefly summarize the evidence in the literature, using in-text citations/references, to support the need for change. (Minimum of five current peer-reviewed journal articles).
iv. Describe the source of the evidence (i.e. internal data) to support the need for change at the practicum site to improve outcomes and/or nursing practice. For example, incident reports, readmission rates, infection rates, etc.
d. Identify the stakeholders who have some form of stake or interest in the project outcomes.
i. Identify key stakeholders who will support the change.
ii. Identify key stakeholders who may resist the change.
iii. Identify who will have the most influence on positive or negative changes related to your identified problem
e. Use the DNP Topic Prioritization Worksheet to determine whether the practice problem is recognized as a priority within the practicum site. Do not attach the worksheet.
i. Describe the criteria determined to be of high priority.
ii. Describe the criteria determined to be of low priority.
iii. Provide a summary of your assessment.
f. Complete the gap analysis template and include it in your paper..
i. The gap analysis can be presented in paragraph format instead of copy and pasting the template.
g. Conclusion
i. Provide a well-rounded and comprehensive conclusion.
ii. Summarize the assessment.
iii. Provide support for the need to conduct the project.
h. References
2. APA Style and Standards
a. Uses appropriate Level I headers
b. Reference and citations are in current APA style
c. Paper length is 3-4 pages excluding title and reference pages
3. Clarity of Writing
a. Uses standard English grammar and sentence structure
b. No spelling or typographical errors
c. Organized presentation of ideas