You are working with some persons who you know and some you do not really know from another department/branch of your organization.  Things were going well and you were appointed as Group Leader, following which you and the group members developed ground rules and the group begun having regular meetings.  However, problems began to arise as two group members (Ann and Betty) are not pulling their weight In addition, Betty has stopped coming to meetings and has not produced anything as yet.  The group members are getting annoyed as they see all their hard work being compromised by those who are not contributing effectively.
Drawing on your knowledge of topics covered and your own experiences in the work place:
1.Briefly outline the stages of group development and discuss how you, as the Group Leader would address the issue(s) affecting the group.
2.Briefly outline the role that attitude plays in Job Performance.
3.Discuss the relevance of learning theories (Operant Conditioning and Social Learning Theory) to managers in shaping behaviour of employee
Plaigirism free, grammatically correct work expected.