1. Discuss two contingency variables that should be considered in
determining an appropriate structure in organisational design. Illustrate
with examples from fashion industries.
(100 marks)

2. (a) Discuss the diversity of the international environment and use
examples from fashion industries to support your answer.
(50 marks)
(b) Identify the challenges to manage organisational activities in a
global context. Illustrate with examples from fashion industries.
(50 marks)


3. There is evidence that the fashion consumer is becoming more
conscious of sustainability issues in the supply chain.
(a) Identify and briefly discuss the typical environmental and ethical
issues that might arise in the supply chain of a mid-market
fashion company.
(20 marks)
(b) Discuss ways that a mid-market fashion company could respond
to these issues by incorporating sustainable practices in its supply
chain strategy. (80 marks)

4. Using the elements of the Business Model Canvas of Osterwalder &
Pigneur (2010), compare and contrast the business models of value fast
fashion retailer, H&M, and curated subscription fashion business,
(100 marks)