For this milestone, you will submit a presentation describing your diagnosis of at least one problem within the selected organization. The format should be a three- to four-slide presentation.


Note: You may use PowerPoint, Google Presentation, Prezi, or another presentation format to create your presentations.


four slides to organization we originally chose, i will attach that along with the feedback we got from the professor


Consider this feedback when completing

Feedback from professor:

Good choice,; however, be careful to focus on an intervention that would be appropriate for an I/O Psychologist. What is the employee/organizational issue that you’ll be exploring?


For example, the goal is not to develop a business or marketing strategy (comparing to their competitors.)


There might be multiple opportunities for intervention that might be appropriate.  For the purposes of our class, I recommend that you clarify your focus  (ex. structural- job design, cultural, technological, leadership, etc.)




Imagine you’re an I/O Consultant. WHO would hire you and WHY?  I.e. Who would you report to, and what would their expectations be?  




Your selection is approved.  I recommend that you review the directions and rubrics for all upcoming assignments and think about ways you will target your intervention to allow you to fully meet all criteria.




Notes for all students for all submissions:


Review APA formatting – including guidelines for cover and references pages and for citations.




Edit carefully.  Re-reading out-loud is one way that I catch some of my errors when writing.




Carefully review the final project guidelines, and actively use each milestone assignment to help you develop that final submission.




I hope you enjoy digging into this project.