The HRM 538 Organization Development assignment talks about  Change Management Case Study. So, include at least three more references for the organization you select.

HRM 538 Organization Development – Change Management Case Study

Five organizations within the last four years announced they are either planning, have started, or completed an organization change initiative identified on the next page. Pick one of these organizations as the topic for your case study. Answer the following four items about the organization you have chosen: (1) Using the Weisbord model, please diagnose the issues at the organization that led up to a possible organization change effort. (2) Please indicate at least three interventions they intend to do (or have done) and using the TPC model or Burke-Litwin model as reference, please either support or reject each recommendation. (3) Identify at least three interventions you would suggest that have not been announced or implemented based on the text or any of the supplemental material in the class.

HRM 538 Organization Development – Change Management Case Study

Please cite those readings, supporting your suggestions. (4) Based on your what you want to accomplish in Question #3, how would you plan to minimize resistance to change? Please include citation(s) from the text or any supplemental material we have had throughout the course. Additional requirements x Number your responses rather than write one long response that incorporates all four items. x TheUe iV RQe ³VWaUWeU´ aUWicle liVWed for each of the organizations on the next page. You will need to research the organization further to help respond to the four items above. You are required to include at least three more references for the organization you select. Please cite these articles/blog/videos, etc. as you respond to the questions and be sure you reference materials from this course. x Use any citation style you like.

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