Your final project will have two components, a 5-page paper which includes a review of the literature and the creation of research poster that could be presented at a conference.


1) 5-page paper: The purpose of this paper is threefold: 1) to conduct a literature review/background on an oral health related topic of interest to you, using at least 4 evidence-based sources, 2) to select an appropriate professional conference that you could present this poster at and provide a rationale for your choice, and 3) to select a research journal in which the paper you are creating the poster about could be published in (please do not use the journal it has been published in). Please provide a rationale for your choice. All citations should be in APA.


2) Using the EIC research poster template, create a research poster based on the content of one full-length published article on an oral health/or systemic health topic of interest to you.

You will not be presenting this poster, as you should only present your own research at the poster sessions of conferences, but this exercise can be a useful way to gain practice with poster design and to ensure that you fully understand the content of the article you are creating the poster about.