What Will You Include?
Now you know how to organize the body of your article and start writing it. You must include certain features in your article in order to make your meaning clear.
Subheadings give a title for each section of the body
A graphic or image an image of your invention or some kind of graphic that shows data you collected in your research is important evidence
A direct quote with a signal phrase quote an expert to support an idea and name the source within your text
Technical language terms specific to your invention
Valid evidence from your researched articles facts and data
Link within the article use a hyperlink or provide a URL address to one of your resources within the text of your article
Transitions view a list. Be sure to use transitions to make your writing flow smoothly, especially transitions that show sequence or results.
Now you will begin working on the body of your informational article on an invention. Just like building a tree fort, first you will frame the body of your article. Establishing the structure before writing will make the writing process clearer and will lead to an improved experience for your readers.
Since your article should take the style of an article you would see in a magazine or online site, you will create subheadings to indicate the different sections of your article.