The BIB2000 New Testament Survey assignment entails Understanding the content of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is greatly enhanced after research is done on context. So, ensure the following points are addressed. o In this environment, what were some of the obvious issues Jesus faced with his ministry?

BIB2000 New Testament Survey- Understanding the content of Matthew

BIB2000 New Testament Survey (ONAA20A). TWO: WK1 CONTEXT DISCUSSION.  Objective: Discuss the contextual background of the Gospels. Instructions Understanding the content of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John  greatly enhanced after research  done on context. While, Including background, setting, and origin. The context becomes a story behind the story. Identifying with life as it was in the first century is difficult when there are few present-day visual aids to assist you in developing a mental picture.

As you learn customs and religious practices you can see a mental picture that helps you understand a given situation. You know context when you can smell the smells, feel the heat or cold. Understand the little nuances of certain words and phrases, feel the pain, understand the joy, hear the crowd, and sense the emotions of those in the account. Context can  learned. When you do, you will find yourself right in the setting as if you were present. Read Luke 1: 1-4 and the Book of John in your Bible.

BIB2000 New Testament Survey- Understanding the content of Matthew

 Read all the introductions to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from the following links: o .  View the Bible Project videos covering the same books. o Matthew: o Mark: o Luke: o John:  In your initial post, give the context, culture, topographical setting, and political environment of the region where Jesus’ ministry took place in the Gospels. Ensure the following points  addressed.  In this environment, what some of the obvious issues Jesus faced with his ministry? Also,What political controversies did he navigate?  What was the setting like where he preached the Sermon on the Mount? 

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