This assignment focuses on Nature of dark matter. There is also a description of theories, experimental constraints. So, describe the broader significance of the topic (Dark matter)

Nature of dark matter – theories, experimental constraints

·         Topic: Nature of dark matter – theories, experimental constraint

A literature review paper of 10-15 pages (including references and figures)

Format : ApJ manuscript format  by using aastex.

 Sources: at least 3 papers ( at least one of the chosen papers published within the last 2 years)

Can also cite books.

 Advances made by physicists in understanding matter, space, and time and by astronomers in understanding the universe as a whole have closely intertwined the question being asked about the universe at its two extremes—the very large and the very small. This report identifies 11 key questions that have a good chance to be answered in the next decade. It urges that a new research strategy be created that brings to bear the techniques of both astronomy and sub-atomic physics in a cross-disciplinary way to address these questions. Besides, the report presents seven recommendations to facilitate the necessary research and development coordination. These recommendations identify key priorities for future scientific projects critical for realizing these scientific opportunities.

Nature of dark matter – theories, experimental constraints

·         The paper should include:

1.      Describe the broader significance of the topic (Dark matter)

2.      Dark matter : family of theories

3.      The “cutting edge” in terms of current research

4.      Focus on  WIMPS Theory.

5.      Discussion on the constraints from data. (most important part)

6.      Any open questions.

Detailed Instructions


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