The paper talks about Music History Research Essay-Franz Schubert composer. So,Write a critical musical biography of one of the following composers.: Franz Schubert Felix  or Mendelssohn.

Music History Research Essay-Franz Schubert composer

This research essay assignment, for which you should also employ Chicago style, is similar to your first essay, but at least 50% longer, permitting you to go into more depth and detail about your chosen subject. It should be at least 3,000 words long, and you are permitted a maximum of 4,000 words. It will, of course, include a bibliography, discography, and citations in footnote form. You will need to consult other secondary sources i

In addition to your course textbook and Study Guide. You should also listen to as much music by your chosen composer as possible. In this second essay, you will do exactly the same, except that you must choose a composer from the Romantic, Modernist, or Postmodernist era. As before, treat this assignment as one in which you answer a series of questions about your chosen composer’s life and music. Write a critical rather than a descriptive paper, arguing your points and defending your judgments. Make very clear (through your bibliography, discography and footnotes) the evidence upon which you are basing your conclusions.

Music History Research Essay-Franz Schubert composer

Write a critical musical biography of one of the following composers: Franz Schubert Felix Mendelssohn Robert Schumann Hector Berlioz Franz Liszt Richard Wagner Giuseppe Verdi Giacomo Puccini Modest Mussorgsky Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Pyotr Tchaikovsky Johannes Brahms Anton Bruckner Gustav Mahler Richard Strauss Jean Sibelius Arnold Schoenberg Igor Stravinsky Bela Bartok Charles Ives Aaron Copland Ralph Vaughan Williams Benjamin Britten Sergei Prokofiev Dmitri Shostakovich Olivier Messiaen Philip Glass John Adams Murray Schafer Alan Hovhaness Tan Dun Arvo Pärt Krzysztof Penderecki John Tavener.

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