MS Project Skills
Paper details:
This assignment is from a housing project in Sydney. Your task is to develop a schedule model for this project in MS Project

Project will start on Monday 3rd October 2022.
Observe all public holidays as per official holidays in NSW during the project.
Daily hours for construction workers are from 7AM to 11AM and 11:30AM to 3PM.
Onsite work is for 6 days in a week, Sunday is a holiday.
Last Saturday of every month is a day off (non-working time).
Highlight critical path in a shade of red.
Tasks should have WBS outline numbers.
The project should use summary tasks to enable detail to be collapsed or expanded.
Each phase must have a completion milestone.
In the Gantt view, summary tasks and milestones must show Name to the left and Duration to the right.
In the Gantt view, task bars (critical & non-critical) should show duration on the left and resource names to the right.
Schedule tasks as Fixed Duration (not fixed units or fixed work).
Each task must have at least one assigned resource with the required skill.
When resources are overallocated adjust the units (Assign Resources in top menu) to maintain completion dates.