The assignment focuses on the analysis of  The Bluest Eye Study book. There is also, a description of Morrison’s use of natural imagery. So, find out how does nature function in the novel.

The Bluest Eye Study-Morrison’s use of natural imagery

The Bluest Eye Study Questions Please respond to the following as thoroughly as possible. Each of your response should be at least 300 words. Firstly, how does nature function in the novel? Do you consider it a benevolent presence against which the events of the novel are contrasted, or a potentially malevolent force? Is Morrison’s use of natural imagery hopeful or ironic? Secondly, which is a greater threat to the children in The Bluest Eye: racism or sexism? Thirdly, at the end of the novel, Claudia questions her own right or ability to tell the truth about Pecola’s experience. How seriously are we to take her questioning? Is she a reliable narrator? 4. To what extent is Cholly to blame for his violence against his family? Which other people or circumstances may also be to blame? What is the novel’s position on blame?

The Bluest Eye Study-Morrison’s use of natural imagery

5. The novel includes a number of secondary story lines, such as Geraldine’s and Soaphead Church’s histories, with the main story line of the Breedlove family. Select one of these secondary stories and explain how it relates to or comments upon the main story line.  As a result, the author introduces the early period of the development of American society, the times when there was no civilization. Presenting a primitive world, Morrison separates racism from slavery and develops a journey of the heroes toward self-determinism. Nature and animal imagery are powerful stylistic and allegorical tools that allow the author to identify heroes with their searching for cultural origins. Lina, one of the heroines in the novel, identifies herself with nature to overcome her status of being an orphan. Like other characters in the narrative, she strives to obtain the sense of belonging.

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