Please answer the following questions in two separate discussions. Use APA format. And use the links appropriate to the discussions below only

. 1. Moral panics might include such examples as abortion, child abuse, the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, acquaintance rape, and so forth. What other examples can you think of? Discuss some examples of moral entrepreneurs and moral panics in the modern era that you have thought of.

2. Can you think of a situation in which the threat around a moral panic was later revealed to be greatly exaggerated or nonexistent? 3. To what degree does contemporary concern around the “child molester” constitute a modern moral panic. https://s3-us-west- 4. What other examples of moral panics with grassroots origins can you think of?

 5. What examples of atrocity tales that you have thought of have also been told by perpetrators of hate crimes? 6. Given the criteria presented for distinguishing the relative success of a social movement, discuss with your cohort which contemporary social movements appear to have been the most successful. Why do you think those that have succeeded to the greatest extent have done so?